Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling sick

My partner is sick today - she has a sore throat and a bad cough. I had to go to the pharmacy this morning so I thought I would run through some phrases of the same theme in today's post.

Ma olen haige - I am sick

This is the most basic way to say you feel sick. Alternative ways to say this include:

Ma ei tunne ennast hästi - I don't feel well.
Ma tunnen end halvasti - I feel badly.

To be more specific about how you feel (or someone else feels) you could say:

Mu naisel on kurk haige - My wife has a sore throat
Tal on köha - She has a cough
Mu lapsel on nohu - My child has a cold
Mul on peavalu - I have a headache
Mu mehel on palavik - My husband has a temperature
Mul käib pea ringi - I feel dizzy

The following is for when you are about to get sick (thrown-up):

Mul on süda paha - I feel nauseous

And when at the pharmacy:

Siin on mu retsept - Here is my prescription
Kas teil on midagi peavalu vastu? - Have you anything against a headache?


  1. Hi, I found a little mistake. It should be:
    Mu lapsel on nohu - my child has a cold
    Mul on nohu - I have a cold